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What are the eligibility criteria to register AU domain names?

The criteria to register AU domain names varies depending on the extension e.g. ,com, .net, .org. To view the full criteria please see auDA’s documentation online at http://www.auda.org.au/policies/current-policies/2012-04/ Provided you meet the auDA criteria you can check the availability of domain name you are interested in via the following link: Domain Name Checker…


Transfer web hosting – Can you help move my website to Adelaide Hills Hosting?

Transfer Web Hosting: Adelaide Hills Hosting might be able to move your website from your existing hosting provider, depending on the hosting platform they use. cPanel Provider If your old host uses a cPanel system we are able to complete a cPanel service migration to bring across all of your data, email accounts, databases,…


How do I transfer an existing domain name to Adelaide Hills Hosting?

To transfer an existing domain name registration from another provider to Adelaide Hills Hosting, enter your domain name hit “Transfer Domain” it’s that simple! Make sure to have your domain name password on hand to submit your domain transfer, then look out for the transfer authorisation email which you need to…


How long does domain name registration take?

Most domain name registrations are completed instantly providing we are supplied with the correct information at the time of registration and that you pay your invoice at the time of registration. A domain name registration may be held up for the following reasons: If the registration type is .id.au, .asn.au or .org.au…